Win the right talents for the challenges in a technical-dynamic environment

We advise industrial and technical service companies on the important task of recruiting personnel. For more than 15 years, the search and selection of suitable specialists and executives has been our profession.

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Dr.-Ing Dirk Busse
Find the right specialists and executives with us

We create sustainable connections — with intuition for people and technology

Successful personnel selection distinguishes mediocre companies from champions. Tailored placements for important positions in technology-driven companies with excellent personalities ensures the best possible value creation and positioning in the market.

Das Team der db Personal- und Unternehmensberatung

Customers from the world of industry and technology
typically contact us with the following concerns:

They want to increase their chances to get in touch with highly qualified candidates. Especially with those who had not yet had a change motive until we made contact with them.
They want to make sure that the right candidates are found and selected as quickly and precisely as possible by using external support and being accompanied until the signature is set.
You want a reliable and competent partner at your side, who objectively advises you on important decisions and keeps an eye on the development of all parties involved and the organization.

Innovative companies from all over the world enjoy the benefits of hand-picked candidates and sustainable connections

Qualified specialists and executives through professional direct search

Your specialists for
open vacancies and first-class candidates

We do not simply fill positions, but also contribute to the long-term success and competitiveness of your company with tailor-made placements and sustainable connections.


Master the search, selection and recruitment of personnel over the long term

In our understanding, good personnel consulting is always combined with effective organizational consulting. In times of change, we support you in development through optimization and transformation and assist you with important decisions.


Staffing key management and executive positions reliably
verlässlich besetzen

We achieve tailor-made and sustainable appointments through professional research and industry-focused consulting expertise. We find top-notch managers who still want to take on responsibility and make real change happen.


Find technical and social
kompetente Fachkräfte finden

We acquire top talent who suit your company's culture and ensure tomorrow's success. Our own experience in research, management and consulting in highly technical worlds form the basis of our consulting expertise.

Consulting, coaching
& mentoring for executives

Overcoming professional hurdles

and look at new horizons

We are at your side as a neutral partner in difficult professional and personal situations. Faced with decisions with serious consequences or simply in the event of an intended reorientation we provide you with objective advice.

Dirk Busse

Excellent personnel consulting can only be achieved ...

when not only the industry, but also the product development processes of customers are well understood.

Deep industry knowledge

if the requirement profile was created together with the customer and is in good agreement with the subsequent operational challenges.

Clear requirements

if both the HR department employee and the subsequent supervisor are present when entering the requirement profile for a position to be filled.

Close cooperation

if the personnel consultancy has a permanent, experienced research team on board and does convincing work in approaching potential candidates directly on an individual basis.

Individual direct contact

if the consultant reliably informs his industrial customers about progress in the recruitment process and the selection of personnel is carried out in close cooperation, precision and at high speed.

Reliable communication

Only with the right people can your company become successful.

The development and growth of a company depends decisively on the quality of its employees. With us, you can find the right specialists and executives for key positions and open vacancies.

Dr.-Ing Dirk Busse am Telefonieren

The shortage of skilled workers does not affect every company the same way ...

Only companies that position themselves as attractive and sustainable employers can escape the shortage and attract highly qualified specialists and executives.

The labor market is causing enormous difficulties for many companies

It is no longer employers but employees who set the pace today. Only companies that actively seek potential and existing employees have a chance of surviving.

The search and selection process does not produce the desired results (fast enough)

There is a lot of competition when it comes to finding and selecting specialists and executives. Self-staffing often fails due to a lack of experience in attracting qualified candidates for important and hard-to-fill positions.

Important positions remain vacant for a long time and stunt growth and development

If positions remain vacant over a longer period of time, this has negative effects on value creation and the positioning of the company.

Value creation is suffering and employees are the victims of open vacancies

When there is a lack of top performers in the organization, everyone else involved is all the more called upon to get involved. As a result, long vacant positions have a negative effect not only on the organization but also on individual employees.

Case studies: positions that we typically fill for our industrial customers

Tailored staffing and sustainable organizational development

We understand the technical-complex world of our customers in depth and breadth. This is the only reason why we are able to find competent candidates for our customers from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and medical technology who really fit the job and remain with the company for the long term.

The market environment requires every company to review its attractiveness as an employer

In times of great uncertainty and low willingness to change, the challenge is to establish a real connection with qualified candidates and show them promising career opportunities.


employees are generally willing to change their employer. ¹

but only 13%

employees (from the automotive industry) are actively looking for a new employer. ¹

every 4th

company lack employees with the right skills to drive digitization forward. ²

only 29%

of those who have left their traditional jobs have returned to full-time employment. Alternative forms of work are increasing. ³

¹ Work Reimagined, Ernst & Young (2022)
² Digital Office Index, Bitkom (2022)
³ The Great Attrition Is Making Hiring Harder., McKinsey (2022)

Profound insights instead of poor prospects

What you can rely on ...

Fulfilling our exclusive consulting assignments for you as a customer with a technical background is particularly important to us. For us, a comprehensive understanding of the overall situation and business goals therefore stands at the beginning of every successful collaboration. Clarity and transparency are the basis for our joint success.

Personalberater Dr.-Ing Dirk Busse

Create lasting connections with hand-picked candidates

We don't send resumes around, but work on tailor-made solutions for companies and candidates. In this process, we regard both of them as our customers. As a strategic partner, we support you in finding and selecting important key positions with professionally and socially competent specialists and executives.

direct contact

The classic job ad only reaches a few people. As a result, a large number of interesting service providers do not hear anything about your offer. However, with direct contact options, we are able to reach more qualified prospects in a shorter period of time. The high effort required to select the right candidate from a wide range of candidates is a significant burden on your organization. We support you right through to the draft decision.

research team

To design an efficient and effective process, it is essential to have your own research team. In this way, we successfully design an adequate and convincing initial contact, targeted consultant interviews and qualified customer advice — always with the aim of helping to shape sustainable “lock/key” relationships right from the start. We do not see ourselves as intermediaries, but always as consultants who only work on behalf of customers and candidates.


Communication during the course of a project is a fundamental component of cooperation for us. We will regularly inform you in writing and by telephone about the project status and the key experience and insights we gain in discussions with potential candidates. This often results in valuable fine-tuning of the requirement profile and the framework conditions. In any case, you know where we stand in the project.

Create sustainable connections, ensure future viability

If you want to attract highly qualified employees, you have to put effort in to win potential candidates

We strive for solutions that promise long-term success for both candidates and your company.

“Employees may be our greatest liability. But people are our greatest opportunity.”
Peter F. Drucker

Contact us

Our team is just a phone call or email away. If you're looking for the best talent for your company or considering a career change, we invite you to take the first step. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Discovery Call

In our discovery call, we take the time to thoroughly understand your company, your challenges and your goals. The purpose of this discussion is to create a basis for our future cooperation and to check whether and how we can best help you.


Site visit

A personal visit to the site gives us the unique opportunity to better involve the corporate environment, cultural context and the teams our candidates would work with in the search and selection process. This is the only way to create transparency.


Start of collaboration

By starting our collaboration, you are setting the foundation for sustainable personnel success. After creating the requirement profile, our research team begins the targeted search and selection of the best candidates for the vacant position.

Our mission is to create connections: between outstanding talent and world-class companies.

In close exchange between consultant and researcher, a convergence process is initiated after the kick-off meeting, which gradually leads to the best solution.

Vorgehensweise Personalberatung db-consulting
Dr.-Ing Dirk Busse
Stephanie Klesen
Martina Wilhelm
“Orders that we accept,
we also complete.”

What customers and candidates say

We strive for long-term relationships with our clients that are characterized by trust, reliability, openness, respect and care. This creates sustainable connections and exceptional levels of efficiency.

“I have been working trustingly with Dr. Dirk Busse and his team for over 10 years. We have already been able to fill over 5 key positions in collaboration and with sustainability. Thanks to his excellent understanding of industries in a technically complex environment, in particular production, but also his openness and empathy with the respective organizational culture, he is able to provide excellent advice to sharpen requirements.”

Markus Wachter

International Executive, Troester GmbH & Co. KG

“Dr. Busse is a talented recruiter you can trust and rely on for sensitive hiring missions: Not only he treats people with upmost respect, but he is also a great listener. He senses people. He builds trust through Candide communication and always makes a point to follow-up dilligently and precisely on the missions he takes. I was recruited at SCHLUTER-SYSTEMS thanks to him: After one year in the job, I can confirm that what he described about the company, its culture and people was 100% right.”

Laurent Gazagnes

Director General, Schlüter Systems

“As an innovative and future-oriented service company, we have been working successfully with Dr. Busse on various topics for more than 10 years. Especially today, his distinctive expertise and extensive expertise are invaluable. We can fully recommend him and his company db Personal- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH for such tasks and thank him for the good and trusting cooperation, which will certainly last a long time.”

Dr. Werner Backes

Managing Partner, WPW GmbH

“Our partner db-consultung has a great customer focus with excellent service. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is essential to have such strong partners at your side. Thank you very much for the good cooperation.”

Florian Enders

Recruiting Manager, Tesla

We support you with many years of experience in industry-related research, management and consulting

We understand the requirements of technical industries and help you achieve short and long-term personnel success.

Berater Dr.-Ing Dirk Busse

Tailored appointments despite employee markets and a shortage of skilled workers

How to find tailor-made appointments and sustainable connections in employee markets despite a shortage of skilled workers.

What is important in employee markets

How much do open vacancies really cost you

How tailor-made placements can be achieved

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We understand our markets and work in a focused manner.

Thanks to many years of experience in managing companies and researching in the technical environment, we understand your needs and create sustainable connections with a feel for people and technology.

Dr.-Ing Dirk Busse

Dirk Busse

With expertise and heart, I am committed to ensuring that our recruitment searches lead to tailor-made, sustainable solutions between you and our candidates. I am a service consultant and consulting service provider out of conviction.


Through my many years of research, I was able to gain a profound technical understanding of production processes in the automotive industry and related areas.

View details
  • Studied mechanical engineering at TU Darmstadt
  • Doctorate as Dr.-Ing. at the Institute for Production Technology and Forming Machines at TU Darmstadt;
    Focus of the institute: applied research and development in cooperation with the automotive industry
  • Chief Engineer, Deputy Head of the Institute for Production Technology and Forming Machines (PtU)
  • Management of international research projects
  • Advice to the automotive industry on sheet metal applications
  • Development of an expert system for designers for manufacturing-appropriate car body design


As managing director of various medium-sized and group companies in the automotive industry, I was able to learn how to move companies forward, to find and hire experts and to promote the development of organizations.

View details
  • Managing Director Oerlikon Balzers Germany GmbH, Oerlikon Balzers VST GmbH (Germany/USA)
    PVD coating tools/automotive components
    Communication and project management in transversal organizations
    Introduction of lean principles in production
  • Managing Director Marketing/Sales, ItN Nanovation AG/ItN Water Filtration
    Validation and introduction of innovative products
  • Managing Director DEKRA ETS GmbH/Construction and Materials Technology, member of DEKRA Management
    Development of sales structure, quality assurance services in construction, damage analysis/reports DACH
    Material damage analyses for the automotive industry


Our consulting expertise still today depends on my many years of management experience in industry and services. It is only through a profound understanding of the industry and technology that we are able to reconcile the requirements of the markets with those of customers and candidates.

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Hand-picked candidates and tailor-made appointments

The research team:
the basis of recruiting success

The disciplined and rapid processing of various internal and external database systems by researchers forms the basis of our recruitment process. After the preliminary assessment by the consultant, written and telephone contact begins.

Stephanie Klesen
Stephanie Klesen
Research & direct contact
Martina Wilhelm
Martina Wilhelm
Research & direct contact
International recruiting for German companies based abroad

International partner network:
Europe, America, South America and Asia

We work with established partners in North and South America as well as China. Our goal: to assist German industrial and service companies in recruiting personnel worldwide. In this way, we increase the opportunities for German industrial and service companies to find suitable talent worldwide.

JR Bechtle International Executive Search Logo
JR BECHTLE & Co. specializes in recruiting executives for companies with global production and sales activities in North and South America, Europe and Asia. The customer base includes European and US companies with technically sophisticated products and services in various industries.
wehrle + partner
Wehrle + Partner (w+p) is a Shanghai-based recruitment consultancy that fills senior positions across China with Chinese and international candidates. Customers are mostly headquartered in Germany or another western country and come from a wide range of industries with complex products and services.
Vacancies for innovative companies

job advertisements

Discover open positions on our job market and find your next professional challenge with a new employer.

Standort: 150 MA (Gruppe: 230)
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Standort: 150 MA (Gruppe: 230)
published on
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Werkstandort: 150 MA
IT, Ingenieurwesen und Technik
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Our answers to your questions

... about personnel consulting, executive search and technical recruiting.

How long does the search process take?

Usually three to six months. That depends heavily on the task. Electronics specialists are significantly more difficult to hire than quality specialists, for example. Location can be decisive. If a move is necessary, it is easier to move from Mannheim to Cologne, even with family, than from Mannheim to the Hunsrück.

Can a search also be completely discreet?

Discretion and confidentiality are a matter of course for us; this is particularly important if competition and our own employees are not to be informed ahead of time about upcoming personnel changes. We approach candidates with sensitivity. We are a reliable partner for companies and candidates in our projects.

What happens if there is a separation during the trial period?

That is when our quality guarantee applies, i.e. we are looking for a new candidate free of charge.

Which positions do you actually fill?

We work exclusively for technical companies in industry and technical services companies, but fill all functions there, from senior specialists to management, for both technical and commercial roles.

Where do you actually work?

Our focus is on the entire German market. However, our customers are internationally active companies in industry and services. That is why we have built up trusting partnerships for personnel recruitment in North and South America as well as in China over many years. These companies specifically support German companies in their peronal production in these countries. We can therefore also offer this high-quality service to our customers.